The size and weight of wolves can vary a lot due to the fact that they are spread all over a vast territory. One of the biggest Wolves in the Perkins Peak Outfit is the so called Timberwolf, sometimes weighing up to 80 kg and more with bodies seizing up to 170 cm.

Mountain Lion

Scientifically the Mountain Lion doesn't belong to the “big cats” and is considered to be with in the group of “small cats”. But hey, a big tom reaches up to more than 100 kg and a body size of 160 cm (+ tail). So we are looking at quite a big cat, aren't we? We hunt this big, impressive cat only in wintertime with well trained dogs

Mule Deer

Mule Deer can be hunted from September onwards. Bucks and Does live in separate groups, old bucks will mostly be found on their own. Especially in the rut in November we harvest very good bucks with impressive trophies every year.

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goats can be found in the northern parts of the Rocky Mountains, the south eastern parts of Alaska and in the western regions of Canada. They are excellent climbers and in just 20 minutes they can be 400 m above you. Hunting the Mountain Goat is quite a challenge. It´s tough and therefore one of those hunts one will never forget. You can expect to get trophies up to 10 inch.

Black Bear

Black Bears in our Outfit can grow up to amazing 7,5 feet and some 300 kg. The average though is 6 to 6,5 feet which is a really good and impressive Bear. We do not work with bait, we stalk which makes the hunt a lot more interesting and challenging. The colors can vary from pitch black to brown.

Ein typischer Vertreter des Kanada Elch


In our area you will find the typical Canadian Moose (alces alces andersoni). It doesn´t get quite as big as the Alaskan or Yukon Moose, but on average we are looking at a trophy size of 45 up to 55 inches. Hunting big Moose bulls in the rut is quite impressive when you get close and can call him in.



The north American Grizzly is a subspecies of the Brown Bear. The colors of these incredible bears vary from grey (Silvertip) to redish/blond, light to dark brown und sometimes nearly black, depending on the area, food and climate. The Coastal Grizzly can reach a weight of up to 700 kg and a height of up to 10 feet.