The Perkins Peak Outfit at Canada's westcoast

A Wilderness hunt in Canada in the breathtaking majestic Mountains and beautiful valleys of the Perkins Peak Outfit is really something special. On more than unbelievable 280 000 Hectares you can stalk Moose, Grizzly and Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Mule Deer and Mountain Lion. And if lucky enough you might even have the chance to get a Wolf, Coyote, Lynx or Wolverine.

A third of the hunting area lies directly in Coast Mountain Range of Canada B.C. around the majestic Perkins Peak with a height of 9324 ft. Going north the outfit reaches the Nimpo-Lake. The south-eastern boundary is formed by the Tatla Lake with a length of 20 km. The little village with the same name and only about 30 inhabitants lies at the southern boundary of our huge outfit. Due to the hardly existing population you will not really meet any local hunters in the Perkins Peak Outfit. You are hunting in more or less untouched wilderness which also means that there are no guarantees for success. But this is part of the challenge that you and your guide will face every day during the hunt.

Outfitter Thomas and his Partner Anton not only guide themselves but are working with the same guides for many years now. And these guys really know the area and surely know what they're doing. You're success is their success. They take a lot of pride in their job and will do what ever they can to get you the chance of taking a good shot at a big moose bull or any other species your looking for.

Moose hunts for example start from the main lodge. But it may be necessary to use spike camps as well. According to the weather and to what happens during the rut your outfitter or your guide will decide whether to hunt from a spike camp or not. Sometimes 4x4s or boats can be useful but usually you will hunt on foot. You should be able to walk a couple of miles in the bush with a light back pack, your binoculars and your rifle. And apart from preparing yourselves physically for a wilderness hunt you should also train you shooting abilities. Being physically fit and having practiced shooting from all sorts of positions will always pay out and will definitely help a lot to make your wilderness hunt a successful one.